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Born in Seattle, Nancy Reithaar has lived in the Pacific Northwest all her life. She creates her multilayered artwork at the Sev Shoon Art Center in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.

A  graduate of the University of Washington, Nancy earned a BFA in painting and soon thereafter developed her unique style of incorporating monotype printmaking into her compositions. Nancy finds her greatest joy in nature, particularly among wild animals. Her use of vivid colors and texture make each work an original as she layers cut-outs of her own printed material on a prepared paper. Skillfully executed, each work evokes a special relationship with its viewer.

Some of Nancy's favorite subjects include wolves, heron, frogs, cats, raccoons, and horses. Because of her proximity to the Ballard Locks and the Woodland Park Zoo, she is never far from a variety of animal subjects to inspire her.

She spends considerable time in zoological parks and wildlife sanctuaries to study animals' movement, textures and colors, and then expresses her interpretations of those subjects through brushstrokes on paper and subsequent images from the press.

She shows her work in Seattle frequently, and regularly shows in galleries, coffee houses, and fine retailers throughout our region.